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BIO-CEL® M+ Series

BIO-CEL M+ is optimized for use in mobile and medium-sized wastewater treatment plants (<1000 m³/d). It fits perfectly into a High Cube container (for decentralized & mobile wastewater treatment plants), which allows the construction of extremely compact decentralized wastewater treatment plants.
The module is submerged in aerobic biology where it filters bacteria and solids. This function makes a wastewater treatment plant more efficient, as the footprint of the plant is reduced by 50-60% compared to a conventional wastewater treatment plant.
BIO-CEL M+200 can produce an average of 75m³ of filtrate per day and treat the wastewater of 480 PE (population equivalent). This corresponds to the wastewater of about 115 households.


BIO-CEL® UV400T used for BIO-CEL M+ is the first membrane from MANN+HUMMEL that has been specifically developed and optimized for the use in membrane bioreactors offering greater longevity, support and performance.

The BIO-CEL® UV400T is an ultrafiltration membrane with pores smaller than solids and bacteria. It is a safe technology to prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria from entering the aquatic environment.

BIO-CEL® UV400T is the ideal solution for the filtration of sewage sludge and the separation of solids and bacteria in the membrane bioreactor.

BIO-CEL® M+ Brochure

Get a closer look into the most versatile BIO-CEL® module ever.


BIO-CEL® M+ is

  • Robust
  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Smart

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