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Airports, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, and other similarly-sized establishments need a simple and efficient way to treat wastewater generated at their locations. BIO-CEL® EASY was designed with these clients in mind. The pre-assembled, standalone system is small but mighty.

Equipped with membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, BIO-CEL® EASY is cutting-edge technology, ensuring excellent performance. Each module can treat up to 24 m³/d for municipal applications and 12 m³/d for industrial applications.

BIO-CEL® EASY is the easiest plug-and-play MBR module in the market. It is ready-to-use, modular, and doesn’t require complicated operation procedures or extensive wastewater treatment knowledge. The system is ideal for small and medium-sized projects with its minimal operator supervision requirements.

The BIO-CEL® EASY module fits perfectly in the optional filtration tank: BIO-CEL® EASY TANK. The perfect pair of tank(s) and module(s) ensures a plug-and-play experience. As an added benefit, the tank can be installed with a forklift, no crane required; it is compact and fits through the normal door size for ease of installation.

BIO-CEL® EASY modules are a combination of ultrafiltration membrane sheets and a robust AISI 304 stainless steel frame. The modules offer easy assembly and installation; fast and simple design; and flexible configurations, which saves on installation costs, engineering hours, and investment costs.

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BIO-CEL® EASY Brochure

Get a closer look into our BIO-CEL® EASY brochure.


BIO-CEL® EASY is easy to:

  • Design – simple, packaged system – less engineering hours required
  • Assemble – module ready to use in a few simple steps
  • Connect – plug-and-play design
  • Move – small footprint allows easy mobility and transportation
  • Expand – modular design allows plant capacity to scale quickly