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Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment

With MBR technology, the clarifier is replaced by a physical barrier – the BIO-CEL® membrane module. This physical barrier enables the MBR to operate at higher MLSS levels than secondary clarifers, resulting in a smaller overall footprint. BIO-CEL membrane modules operate within the ultrafiltration spectrum, producing high capacities of quality effluent at consistent flows.

BIO-CEL® MBR brochure

Get a closer look into our membrane bioreactors (MBR) the leading innovation in wastewater treatment.



  • high effluent quality (effective retention of solids and bacteria)
  • smart module design (less braiding and sludge depositions)
  • backflushable module based on flat sheet membranes
  • small footprint (high packing density)
  • reduced energy demand
  • unique membrane laminate with self healing effect
  • optimized oxygen transfer (fine bubble aeration)


The Making of BIO-CEL® MBR

This movie depicts our BIO-CEL® production line in action. From the membrane laminate to the module assembly, We have fully automated BIO-CEL production capabilities.