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ProCEM is our product range of tubular ceramic membrane – built to withstand harsh process conditions and to optimize your process recovery. ProCEM operates in cross-flow mode to ensure stable and flexible operation, and delivers high filtration performance in applications from nano- to micro-filtration.

ProCEM ceramic membranes are a fixed physical barrier to ensure high filtration qualities. With a modular design, ProCEM is easily adaptable to individual applications. ProCEM also features plug-and-play fitment with standard connections to make installation quick and easy.

The standard range includes single-channel and multi-channel membranes with broad pore size range from nano-filtration (starting at 500Da) and micro-filtration (up to 200 nm). The products are available in various geometries ranging from outer diameter 25-52mm and with length 1.0m-1.20 m.


Key Benefits

  • True pore size and pore distribution- high quality filtrate
  • Chemical, mechanical and thermal stability- low maintenance
  • Low total cost of ownership – high fluxes and durability
  • High abrasion resistance – Robust design

Technical Details

  • External arrangement for stable operation in cross-flow mode
  • Transmembrane pressure up to 5 bar
  • Temperature resistance up 140 °C (sterilization)
  • High separation quality
  • Fast and effective cleaning via backwashing
  • MWCO/pores size from 500 Dalton to 130 nm


  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Processing

ProCEM Brochure

Get a closer look into our first-ever ceramic membrane.