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SEPRODYN® Modules for Fine Filtration

SEPRODYN® crossflow microfiltration modules are used to separate suspended solids larger than 1.0 micron. The highly porous polyethylene membrane is backwashable, allowing for stable and efficient filtration with continuously high product flux. The smart construction techniques employed in the module manufacture allow them to be used in applications which require highly stable polymer materials, pH stability (0 to 14), and high resistance against abrasive substances. Feeds with a high solids content are not a problem for SEPRODYN® due to the self-supporting and extremely robust tubular membranes with a large inner diameter of 5.5 mm. These tubular membranes are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, in a process patented by MANN+HUMMEL Water & Fluid Solutions (MICRODYN-NADIR).

The advantages of  SEPRODYN microfiltration modules:

  • well defined flow conditions
  • high packing density
  • minimized dead zones
  • extremely abrasion resistant
  • chemically backwashable
  • low specific energy consumption